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Sale and acquisition of buildings and land


SYNERCOM establishes the strategy and carries out the marketing to find buyers:

  • We negotiate sales transactions.


SYNERCOM researches, identifies and qualifies opportunities to purchase buildings or land:

  • We negotiate purchase transaction.

Commercial and industrial leasing

Exemples de clients desservis :

Representation of the landlord

SYNERCOM establishes the targeted strategy to find tenants:

  • We develop marketing tools to advertise the rental.

  • We prepare transactional documents.

  • We negotiate rental transactions.

Representation of the tenant

SYNERCOM researches, identifies and qualifies spaces for lease:

  • We prepare and negotiate offers to lease.

  • We negotiate leases and renewals.

  • We represent franchisors and franchisees, proposing potential sites that meet their criteria and optimize the development of their networks.

Business sale

SYNERCOM will be your ally to sell your business at the best price and under the best conditions.

SYNERCOM specializes in the sale of businesses:

  • We establish the value of the assets and the value of the business.

  • We plan the marketing tools to find buyers.

  • We coordinate the work of all the professionals involved in the transaction with tact and efficiency.

  • We prepare the various transactional documents including confidentiality and non-competition agreements.